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Translations should follow the guidelines for submission for the genre in which they are submitting. Both sets of guidelines appear below.

At its best, long-form writing is an exacting exhibition of skill demanding sustained attention from a reader. In Issue 62, Hayden’s Ferry Review will celebrate the skill of extended writing. We invite submissions of prose which defy the bounds of the short-story, perhaps a novella, and poetry in any form which develops a scope and complexity that cannot be contained in just a few pages.

We are looking for the poems that must be long in order to accomplish the poem, and the prose that must not be reduced in length without losing something vital.

Novella in Latin means “new things” and so we invite prose in both fiction and nonfiction that longs to show us something new, to introduce us to an experience we have never had before. We invite the risk takers, and the traditionalists. We are looking for the novella we can’t stop thinking about. 

Poets, we ask you to give us a poem with complexity, with scope, which is ambitious in the effort to express itself and skilled in its execution. We are looking for the poems we want to climb into and which hold us in suspension such that we do not want to emerge.

We will be accepting your novellas, poems, and translations until November 1st, 2017. Please keep prose submissions between 35 and 70 pages, double-spaced, TNR 12pt. typeface; and poetry between 5 and 50 pages (total poetry submission length not to exceed 50 pages. That 50 pages may contain 1-5 poems). Translations and international submissions should follow the same guidelines. 

As we have so few available pages for this issue, we do ask for early submissions rather than delayed or last-minute submissions if at all possible. Note that we may close the submissions window early and will likely privilege early submissions as can only accept a few pieces before the issue is filled. We will begin reading for this issue on August 15, please do not expect a response before this time.

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