Ends on March 15, 2019

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Submit up to 6 poems. Please include your entire submission in one file and be sure your name and contact information are included on the first page of the file. All work should be uploaded through our submissions manager. Acceptable file formats include .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf. Please send one submission at a time and wait for a response before you submit additional work. We do not consider book-length works. Submitters are strongly encouraged to read the journal before submitting. Sample work from current and past issues is available on our website.

Hayden’s Ferry Review is open for submissions for our Magic issue. Magic holds a precarious position in literature as it has become associated with genre, camp, sentimentality and tropes. But magic and writing have a shared history. The first human etched lines into glyphs that didn’t illustrate a thing but represented a sound or a word. Those who understood those glyphs participated in a type of magic, a magic that language does so well to magnify. We are looking for magic that is eccentric and defiant, that creates its own universe within our existing universe. We want magic that brings Magical Realism into the 21st century, that smuggles risk into the realms of the speculative, that makes the fantastic tangible and deepens our lexicon, that renders the grotesque sensual and dangerous, that unveils moments of unexpected grace and terrible wonder. Magical writing should peel back the layers of reality; it should make the serendipitous sing; it should make the ironies of everyday life feel orchestrated and musical. 

As always send us your best work and we are especially interested in writing from underrepresented communities and emerging writers. –

Send us the words no one ever wrote for you