Hayden's Ferry Review is an international literary journal out of Arizona State University.

Welcome to HFR! Before submitting, please check out the info below (it's important, we promise!). 

General Submissions: We're just looking for your best work.

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Issue 66

We are always open to submissions of visual art and translations.

A Note on the Reading Fee

We know the $3.00 reading fee might be a pain, but we hope that you will rest assured knowing all money we receive goes toward supporting HFR's continued success as a supportive environment for our contributors. We all want to thank you for your trust in sending us your work. You make HFR an incredible literary magazine to read, and to work for! We aim to keep producing a beautiful magazine featuring new and exciting prose and poetry by today's best writers.

General Notes on Submission (or withdrawal)

  • Please send one submission per genre at a time, and wait for a response before you submit additional work.
  • Withdraw your submission using Submittable. if you are only withdrawing a section of your work (for example: 2/5 poems), add a note to your submission. 
  • We generally do not accept prose over 25 pages.
  • Contributors receive one copy of the issue in which they appear. Additional copies may be purchased for $6 each up to 5 copies.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please notify the editors immediately. 
  • We do not accept previously published material. 
  • We do not consider book-length works. 
  • Submitters are strongly encouraged to read the journal before submitting: to subscribe, visit http://hfr.clas.asu.edu/store.

About HFR's Editorial Process 

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept submissions by mail or email. We will only review work that has been received through Submittable.

The editorship at HFR changes at the beginning of each year, and as a result, our aesthetic changes every few issues. Our current editors can be found on our masthead.

HFR editors do not read during June and July—because our staff is very small, our response time is currently 9+ months and can even in some cases take significantly longer. We don't like to rush through the reading; we give each piece considerable time. We're working to shorten this time and so will now be closed to submissions in June and July. 

For information about submitting in a particular genre, see below.

For partial withdrawals please add a note in Submittable.

We look forward to reading your work!

A note on accessibility: It has come to our attention that Submittable may not be accessible to visually impaired writers. HFR is committed to accessibility and wants to receive submissions from all writers equally. If you are a visually impaired writer who is currently unable to submit via Submittable due to accessibility issues, you may send your submission as an attachment in .pdf format to hfr AT asu.edu. Note that submissions received via email which are outside the current submission period, or do not suit the current call(s) or current guidelines, will not receive a response. If you have questions concerning this policy, please email us at the above address.

We are looking for visual art in all categories.
Please submit 5-8 pieces at a time. We may ask for additional art based on this submission. We do not accept work that has been previously published elsewhere.

Upon acceptance, we will request high res files, an author's bio, and an artist's statement. We publish art in full color, often selecting between 2 and 4 artists for each issue. One of these will receive cover credit and bookmark credit. 

Note: We are currently looking for art for our Magic themed issue so we are especially interested in anything that fits into this category. Please see our general call for more details.

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